SUP- What's SUP?

Who's it suitable for and how do i do it?


SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard and its history dates back to the early 1950's when the surf teachers would have larger boards enabling them to stand up and have an elevated view than at water eye level..In this way they could then keep a better look out for thier students.


However around 2009 the morphism between a surfboard and a windsurf boad saw the birth of the modern SUP. Coming in many different composites and shapes there is a board to suit different abilities, disciplines and weights and sizes.There are touring, racing,wave and all round specific boards all with thier own characteristics and designs.  


SUPping is available to most people with a moderate amount of balance and ability. Most peolpe should be able to stand up and become competant after 60-90 minutes coaching.


Although you do not have to be physically strong to SUP but it will work out your core, back and arm and leg muscles most.


It is surprisingly therapuetic to be stood up on a board whilst paddling along enjoying some fabulous views. Alternatively you could choose to grab a smaller board and go hit those waves surfer styley! And once you have got the kit its all free, no Petrol, tax, insurance etc!