Kitesurfing has gained in popularity over the last 6 or 7 yrs despite being an activity that really began to surface in the mid 90's. Using an inflatable edged kite with approx 20-25m flying lines connected to a waist harness this enables the rider to power themselves across the water manouvering the kite to enhance or decrease speed and power. Usually using a Twin Tip (TT) board in the beginner stages enabling the rider to go in either direction without the need to remove feet from straps on the board. Other disciplines offer the rider the opportunity to use a directional surfboard with, or without footstraps (Strapless riding!) Despite looking physically demanding kitesurfing is available to most people of all ages with the correct tuition.

It is commonly considered that the majority of students will require 3 x lessons to cover the whole sylabus of kitesurf training, but this will all depend on individual ability and advancement.



Begginer Kitesurfing Lessons- Group


Within a Group kitesurfing begginer lesson (Max 4) you will learn all aspects of safe and controlled kite flying, whilst having the motivational support from fellow students in your group aswell as from your instructor.

In some cases students prefer to engage in group tuition as they often learn from the mistakes and feedback given to fellow students whilst they are watching on.

Obviously the amount of time on the kite for each student is reduced in order to give all students equal time and to maintain safety levels.

Begginer Kitesurfing Lessons- 1-2-1


The most common form of tuition taken is in 1-2-1 individual begginers kitesurf lessons. This offers dedicated time on the kite throughout the lesson and will often enhance the students learning experience and progression time. It also enables a Fastrack route as the instructor will go at the pace of learning of that 1 student, not having to pause for poorer performing students. 

Coaching / Advancement Lessons


Once the initial training sylabus has been achieved many students will then decide to purchase their own kit and equipment and go safely practice everything they have learnt in order to improve.

After mastering the basics of boardstarting and consistent riding in both directions many students require a few hrs coaching in order to improve thier stance, upwind riding ability, turns, and small jumps.

On occasions where the student wishes to continue practicing but without thier own kit we are able to offer supervised hire at an hourly rate (Min 2 hrs)

We also offer intermediate and advanced kitesurf coaching to get those kiteloops and raleys dialled in!